Within the scope of provided legal services,  our Office offers its customers and all interested  parties organization and conduct of training in  the field of civil law, business and commercial law, employment law, as well as selected areas of administrative law. The most frequently ordered training is the training on public procurement law.

We direct our offer to the companies trying to improve the quality of services they provide, want to equip their employees or co-workers with legal knowledge useful in particular industry.
We are able to customize the program and method of training to individual needs, so as to satisfy the expectations of particular companies to the highest extent possible. Our goal is to provide high quality training, including modern and methods for transfer of legal knowledge.

Trainings are conducted by people who have experience in conducting classes. We arrange training at the Client’s seat or any other convenient place outside the company. Sending us a cover letter along with your resume is treated as consent to processing of the sender’s personal data included in the correspondence.

to ask about trainings please contact Eliza Grodzka
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