Civil law, contracts, negotiations

Within the scope of civil law we:

  • represent the Clients in negotiations and prepare drafts of civil-law contracts,
  • advise within the scope of the real estate law, housing law, housing communities - prepare draft real estate sales agreements, contracts with developers concerning the establishment of an easement, cessation of co-ownership etc.,
  • conduct litigation within the scope of all aspects related to civil law.

Within the scope of advice on civil law we provide our Clients with legal services in the field of labor law, in particular by means of:

  • representing the Clients in negotiation and drafting contracts, agreements with companies and members of management including contracts of employment for members of the Board, managerial contracts and agency agreements;
  • participation in negotiations and preparation of contract termination agreements with the company members  and senior managerial staff;
  • advising on workers; councils;
  • restructurization of employment;
  • labor law disputes, including collective labor disputes and litigation of individual employees;
  • preparation of working regulations and regulations of In-house Social Benefit Fund;
  • preparation of opinions on issues related to labor law;
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