Legal practice of Office Mazurkiewicz Cieszynski Mazuro Attorneys and Legal Advisors Partnership Company offers comprehensive support for enterprises and public sector entities. A separate group of lawyers provides legal consultancy to private persons. As a team we have experience in handling large investment processes and servicing entities with large organizational structure. Among our clients there are companies from building, investment, medical and medical rescue industry. We conduct comprehensive legal service of public finance entities, including provincial government, county and state special purpose funds and government agencies. Most customers use our services continuously for several years. Our legal office, in a short time has become a leading law firm in the region.

What make us different ?
  • our clients can trust us, because we advise on matters in which we specialize
  • our Attorneys and Legal Advisors are professionals who constantly improve their skills and enjoy their work,
  • we are reliable and committed to each entrusted case,
Our Mission

Provision of legal services at the highest level, so that our customers feel safe and can make the right decisions.

  • we focus on professionalism - we work in thematic groups, what allows us to specialize in particular field of law,
  • we pay attention to deadlines and reliability of prepared solutions - we take actions and prepare solutions in advance,
  • we ensure confidentiality and security of information shared with our legal office,
  • we settle the time spent on the provision of legal services very thoroughly, and in case of constant cooperation we offer lump sum remuneration,
  • we create conditions and comfort of cooperation by means of face-to-face meetings in conveniently located seats of our legal office and answer legal questions via a secure on-line system.
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