We know that we often seek legal advice when in the course of time a legal problem becomes as complicated as a Gordian knot. Then providing legal assistance means acting under pressure of deadlines, costs and often and involves very strong emotions. Of course, in these situations, we help our clients immediately. However, we also know that many of these extreme situations can be avoided. That's why we ensure constant safety of our Client’s operation and anticipate the risks associated with their activities. Guided by the wisdom of life that it is better to prevent than to cure, we give preventive counseling precedence over short-term actions.

First of all, we are trying to know specific nature and individual needs of our Client. That is why we often suggest a visit to your location to be able to become familiar with all aspects of your business activity. A thorough analysis of the company's organization allows for the provision of legal advice based on the actual situation of the company, rooted in reality. We believe that it is an advantage of our office. We know that our advice to entrepreneurs is seen as a part of creating a competitive advantage, which in turn is to cause our clients’ success. We are trying to be available.

Legal security, especially in these extreme situations requires prompt action and readiness to provide legal aid. The office has convenient working hours and what is more we offer our clients a round-a-clock information system. We believe that the clients want to obtain legal advice from a lawyer who knows the subject, which they want to discuss without theoretical aspects, models and assumptions. Therefore, first of all we help in the cases we are familiar with. Professional experience gained so far arguing our clients’ cases and in courtrooms is the best proof thereof. In such areas as commercial law, construction and investment law, public procurement law, media law, intellectual property rights and the local government laws we are perceived by our current clients as a reliable and professional law office.

However, we know that constantly changing law forces us to continuous professional development. That is why we participate in numerous specialists training with acknowledged practitioners and court representatives. W also conduct training for our clients’ staff because we believe that it significantly helps in current functioning of business and any possible questions to the lawyers are already focused. Hence, in the framework of permanent legal services we offer regular trainings. Considering all the above, we are trying to prepare Client-specific legal service individually, based on the analysis of all the circumstances presented by the client.

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